Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Free to a Good Home!

Suffocating Insecurity, Low Self-Esteem and Crushing Lack of Confidence! Hide in your house and hope it all goes away! Also included a serious dose of cranky and a touch of pissed off.

Call or e-mail today. If I don't call you back it's because I assume you have better stuff to do than talk to me. Thanks!


Tal said...

Well, I love the new look - it looks great!

As for the rest, I'm sending hugs an good mojo from Ontario...sorry I can't do more.

Janiece said...

Hey--I did a big old speech in front of a bunch of doctors and speech therapists and didn't pee my pants! You can do it!!!! If you can go through an adoption you can do anything--just have to find a different way around it!
You know we love you back here in Wisconsin!

Janiece said...

Oh and Lisa--I will always have time for you if you need me! Good friends are few and far between and you are waaaaayyyy too important to me!