Monday, March 5, 2007


Well, I think it goes without saying that the S.O.B. of the Week this week is Stephen Grant. How could you? I mean... just... HOW...COULD...YOU? It disgusts me on every single level. And, of course, since it happened in Michigan, it is constantly on the news disturbing not only me but also my two young sons. I hope you rot, sir, and never see your children again.

On to other topics, I apologize for not writing last week - in case you missed it. I know I have some readers (mostly lazy lurkers like me) but I don't know what you're in the mood for. I've been in quite a mood lately - it has been weeks of ups and downs, small victories and mixed emotions on many topics. I know you don't care what I had for lunch, but do you come here to read of my angst in other areas? De-lurk! De-lurk I say! Tell me what you're in the mood for!

Shall we play a round of Ask Me Anything? Shall I post my Undisputed Facts of Life or my NCAA Bracket predictions? Shall I post a "Do you know me?" type of thing or do I need to dig deeper to make this blog not suck. Let me know?

Curious about the WW? -7 thanks.


iropolski said...

I'll read anything you post. In a non -stalkerish way. -DSG

Tal said...

Heh. I also read mostly everything. I'll admit to a total non-interest in sports though.

I'm curious aout the details of the WW - cost, time involved, how much planning is required, do you weigh things...details woman!

I dig ups and downs - what's going on with all sorts of stuff, the move, the kidlets, etc. Fill me in!

Janiece said...

Hummm, see I never get to follow the news and I had to look up stuff now to find out what you are talking about. See--I'm getting educated! And I also read anything--might not understand it--but I'll read it!