Saturday, July 28, 2007


I hope that this blog never becomes the "Today I had fries and a burger for lunch and it was awesome" kind of blog that there are all too many of and yet, despite a long list of things I can think of to write when I don't have time, when I do I have time topics for blogging escape me.

See, I know you don't really want to hear about our house. Hell, I don't want to talk about our house or our useless realtor or anything even close to that topic. Well, except that my friend Miss Linda has become our eyes and ears in GR and, may I say, SHE IS AWESOME! My realtor doesn't like any of it and hasn't answered an e-mail in a week. Sorry. Sell my damn house and then I'll be off your back. That or September 1 you'll be rid of me. Just SELL MY DAMN HOUSE. M'kay? Before you know it, I'll have a Paypal button on here begging for help with the mortgage payment.

You probably don't want to hear much about the job I'm leaving. I had to give four weeks' notice despite having only been there a month which I found odd, but whatever. It is a great group of people to work with and I'm happy to leave on good terms. It's kind of rare, you know? I'm used to working places where you don't finish your notice because people are, well, paranoid might be the right word. And, because I read Dooce, I never blog about work. It will be a challenge to be suitably vague about teaching - did I tell you I'm teaching? Did I happen to mention how totally geeked up I am about it? And, for the record, it's official. Contract signed, keys in hand and name on the webpage. It's not attached to the classes yet, but that will come soon, I hope.

So what DO you want me to talk about? The family's fine. We're boring ;) Just ask the kids. Summer vacation is too long!


janiece said...

Yeah, ok boring isn't the word! I LOVE summer vacation and in my own humble opinion, it's waaayyy too short. But, I still have small kids! I try to cram way too much into too short a time period. Can you believe IL and MO start back to school on Aug. 16???
Hey, I'm up for reading anything--and right now I'm reading travel plan for spring break 2008! Cabana boys, umbrella drinks and a nice white beach with the ocean waves rolling in!

Tal said...'s it feel to have the Queen turn 18? What would you tell your 18 year old self?

Have things with Shrek improved?


Okay, I've run out of nice to have you back! xo