Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have just over two weeks (until March 14) to turn a sow into a silk purse. Yes, the sow is me and I will be escorted by my dashing soldier husband (I'm not even going to lie about how seeing him in his dress uniform makes me twitter - it does to his unit's annual dining out. For you lucky non-Army people uninitiated, a dining out is a FORMAL event. Formal as in Sarge wears his very sexy blues and I need a formal dress. I need suggestions. Links, pictures, moral support. I am not a teeny tiny girl, I'm me. I haven't worn a long dress since my first wedding and that fucker didn't even fit. No idea where to look, what to look for, shoes, hair, makeup, nothing. I am completely clueless. This is the very first time I will accompany my husband of 14 years to a formal event and I guess I would like to make my best effort at looking good. Please, loyal readers, help me!

Edit: I think I have it covered. I went with this:
And this:

Plus a little black clutch purse. Now I just need shoes and jewels.


Ian said...

"and that fucker didn't even fit."

I just LOLed. Thank you for that.

You should probably take a shower sometime beforehand. That is as far as my beauty secrets go.

Tal said...

Hold on - I will be emailing you some links. Which email?

Anonymous said...

I DON'T want to hear it, at least you get to look pretty in a dress and YES you will look beautiful!!!! I on the other hand have to dress like a solider and not a
Bottom line WHEN do you want to go shopping and I can hook you up with a hair dresser etc...hmmm
My schedule has a lot of play now that I'm not teaching so let me know. I too am worried because I'm "not a small girl" and have to be in front of everyone...insecurities are wonderful, they attack us

Let me know,

janiece said...

For shoes--Macy's is having a huge--HUGE sale. Jewelry--keep it simple. I would go with some fancier earrings and that's about it. Let that fancy personality show through!

Lisa said...

Gmail Tal. I'm on to the shoes and makeup now... Both areas in which you're a subject matter expert ;)

Tal said...

Um do you visit Want Not?

Mir always suggests Zappo's for shoes, but I'd also suggest Kohl's or even Target cause I have major success there. Make you have good stuff? Is it just an application?