Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today was a better day...

Except of course for the freakish thing that makes my right eye now look like this. Yes, I know it's gross. You don't have to tell me. It doesn't hurt though so that's a plus.

The upper - upper division class went much better today -at least I thought so. We actually covered the subject rather than the intro and now I know to do the intro all in one day rather than divide it into two days. Maybe next semester I'll do the syllabus and a video on the first day and then go into Chapter 1 and the project the second day. That'll be better. I'm planning to show videos from the "Ultimate Factories" series on the National Geographic Channel. What are your thoughts? Cool? Not Cool? Thursday's class this week will be cool. I'm showing "Slasher". I see it as a study in ethics because the main character does some things in the name of getting the sale that are just not right and, unfortunately, not fake.

I got e-mail today from the Finance Department chair asking if I'm interested in teaching a section of "International Finance" in the Spring. What did I say?


Tal said...

Lady, you said yes, cause we all know you suck at saying no. ~hug~

I'm glad you felt today's went better, but bummer about the eye. It's not so gross looking as much as it is "oooh" eliciting. Glad it doesn't hurt!

Morten said...


coolness... TAKE IT!!!!


i'm happy for ya:)

Anonymous said...

Uck, I HATE eye problems like that. Is it conjunctivitis? Viral conjunk is the woooorst! Hope you feel better! And I'm glad classes went better, too!


janiece said...

Girl I hope you said yes, cause otherwise I'm making a 2 hour+ trip to kick you!!!
Looks like a ruptured blood vessel to me. Could be pink eye, but if it doesn't look like it's getting better, things get worse, or there is drainage--go to the doctor.
Yep we all have days that get to us. For me personally I just start crying cause I'll think about dad and how much I miss him. Poor Ted has to put up with me!

Lisa said...

Imagine the RN getting the right answer. Subconjunctival Hemorrhage (don't kill me 'cause I can't spell it). Still looks nasty. Told them I would, don't know if I actually will. Might be an ongoing thing if they don't get the right person hired for a Finance position. Tomorrow could be wooly. My video has nudity in it *eek* I plan to fast forward that part.

Anonymous said...

Questione, is your Keyboard Therapy blog finished? I liked that one too.
(I am obsessed with blogs.)

From Ian again.

Barbara said...

Yes, the eye looks ucky, but I'm glad it doesn't hurt. And OF COURSE you said "yes" even though your current classes are making you go "hmmmmm" -- we know you that well, at least ;)

I like the National Geographic special you linked -- all about beer-making. :) You will have a built in attention span. Heh. I've never heard of that movie "Slasher" -- glad it wasn't what FIRST crossed my mind at the title.