Monday, December 17, 2007


I did not intend for this baby to become a knitting blog. I mean, I like knitting. I'm a bit fidgety by nature so knitting and its ability to keep my hands busy really suits me. However, you, my six loyal readers (yes, I fear I've lost a few and I may have gained some but the lurkers won't reveal themselves - leave a comment! It won't hurt. I promise!) are probably growing tired of my yarns about knitting. It's finals week now and sitting in my classroom for two hours while the students write exams is so damn boring! I almost brought knitting today. I regret not doing so.

But I did say that this is not a knitting blog so I'm done talking about that for the moment. I mean we could talk about the house, right? But that's hardly a feel good story (unless losing $30 - 45 Grand makes you feel good) now is it? No. So we won't talk about it. I mean the good news is that we haven't lost the money yet because it still hasn't sold. The bad news is we know its coming and it will hurt. At this point, I look at our house as a zit. It is growing uglier and uglier and soon it will pop! It will ooze all over as our hearts break (again) over the financial devastation and then, it will heal, our hearts will heal and we'll eventually (hopefully) recover from the damage. I just want it over so we can begin to move on.

I could update you on my Seven in '07 but that's an easy one. We accomplished none of them. I will roll them over and add one for the Eight in '08. At least I'm not so foolish as to attempt a Forty before 40 list. It is already depressing me that this milestone birthday looms large in the coming year. I really thought it'd be different but its not, it's my own fault and I'll be moving on through it.

Stay tuned. I may have a monumental announcement on Thursday. Good news? Bad news? Both! Neither. Curious? Stop back later.

Meanwhile, more gratuitous kid stuff as they provide fodder and I take pictures of it. I hope you are liking that part at least!


Tal said...

That's NOT cool Lisa. I would come back anyways, can't you just whisper it to me?