Friday, December 7, 2007


Sorry for the slacking not posting this week, but NaBloPoMo always wears me out! After awhile blogging goes from therapy to being a pain in the ass and by the end of the month, I'm exhausted. I do have topics rolling around but I also have projects to grade so it may be awhile before I get to them. But I promise I'll post more so keep reading!

On the homefront, we've learned that 40% of the home sales in Kent County Michigan were short sales last month. Fabulous. Ours will be next. Net loss somewhere in the 30 thousand dollar range - and that is real cash folks not accounting losses. It could be more depending on how short we actually sell it. Thirty grand is the minimum.

In other news, the party I thought no one would come to didn't disappoint so we canceled it. Why plan it at all if no one's attending? Yeah, that's what we thought. I'm pretty much over the party planning. We invite people who don't come and we never get invited anywhere in return. Time to accept that we're assholes that people don't want to spend time with and drive on. That's what I'm doing. Peace.


Tal said...

Or maybe it's just that you two are SO cool that others can't hang out with you cause they're always in awe of your coolness. That's totally it.

janiece said...

HEY!!! I would love for you to come down here sometime. But just remember to do it on my weekend off--a hungover nurse isn't a pretty sight! And honey--you know if I wasn't working I would be there partying with you.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, Thanks, I guess I'm a no body because I accepted and had planned to
SO what are you guys doing on the 31st??