Sunday, December 30, 2007

Prayer Request

Sounds dumb, but I have the most wonderful dog ever - Champ Bailey - and last night we got home from my in-laws and he couldn't walk with his back two legs. Sarge helped him outside and he seemed better after that. He was even able to climb the stairs to sleep in his usual place on the floor closest to me. This morning, he can't get up. He pushes up on his front paws but the back half of his body doesn't cooperate. I'm pretty scared. Champ's my mostest wonderfulest dog ever and he's only seven.

EDIT: Okay, I'm a worrier right? But turns out Champ is a pretty sick puppy. He's got an ear infection, a skin infection and lyme disease. He's on antibiotics and will hopefully feel better in a couple of days. Give thanks with me, okay? He really is one awesome mutt.


Anonymous said...

I'm GLAD that he is going to be okay Lisa! If we are lucky in life we have pets that turn into our family and I know how you feel!! I've been there and I will keep my fingers crossed that he gets better quickly!

Tal said...

Phew! Poor puppy. Glad you've got it figured out at least, best of luck with the antibiotics!

janiece said...

Oh I'm glad it's something that is "fixable". Poor doggie! Poor Lisa! You must be totally stressed. I hope he gets better soon. Our furbabies are priceless.