Friday, April 27, 2007

Isn't it pretty?

See my shiny new button? The one that says "I Fight Cancer"? Isn't it great? Well, click on it to get that button for your own blog if you feel so moved. I hate cancer, I do. I'm sure you do too.

One of the things I am supposed to do to have this button is to write a blog entry about how cancer has affected my life and I frankly can't. The list of the lovely, talented, wonderful people I personally know who have fought and lost battles with this monstrous disease is just too long. There is such a strong history of cancer in my family that I have always felt that it wasn't an "if" I would be diagnosed with it but a matter of "when". Thankfully, a couple of scares, a LEEP procedure and a couple of breast biopsies thus far but the monster stays away. I am grateful.

I am angry, though, when I think of the people that have been lost. I have attended too many memorials for too many people to list here (and I respect their memory and their families' privacy too much) and wondered what I could do - one poor little person - to make a difference. So I've put this button on both blogs as a pledge and a reminder to myself to find ways that I can help fight cancer.

I am happy that I do know a few people that have won or are winning the fight, but the fight must go on and I encourage each of you to join it in whatever way you can.

Blessings and peace,