Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Will I Ever Learn?

My specialty is procrastination. I have been putting off a blog post for a day or two and mulling some ideas when BAM! The perfect opportunity presents itself this morning. A perfect example of why I love being a homeowner rears its ugly head at six-thirty this morning. "Mom?" queries the Queen. "I think something is wrong with the water heater. There is water under the carpet in the hall and all over the storage room floor."

"Fuck." I mumble from my semi-comatose state. "Call your dad."

"Can you do it? I have to go now."

~unintelligible grumble~ "Of course dear. Have a great day. I love you."

"Hi honey. How are you? I need you to come home please. We have water all over the floor downstairs."


Yes. We do say "Fuck" a lot. I blame the Queen for inflicting this nasty habit upon us. It is either her fault or Uncle Sam's. I feel no personal responsibility for this habit.

So the Sarge returns home and begins to assess the damage/ situation. After a few minutes of listening to some things that will definitely expand the Khan's vocabulary, I make a couple of phone calls. Home Depot and Sears offer same-day installs. I have a Home Depot credit card (remember to do as I SAY not as I DO!) so the deal was done. SOMETIME today and $619.00 later, the problem would be solved. Sarge went to work and I went back to slacking, reading blogs and playing with the Khan when he allows it.

So at 2:30 or so, the Sarge has returned from a rather whirlwind trip to work and the Depot installers are here and THEN it occurred to me that this would have been one example of a picture being worth a thousand words. ALAS! My batteries are dead and the nice Polish man in the basement (I am assuming he's Polish. His name is Pavel but he was introduced to me as "Paul"... Like Pavel is that hard...) was a little taken aback by me heading in to snap a picture of the mess. So no pictures. I will figure out where the AA battery leprechauns have hidden their stash and try to increase the photographic proof of insanity in my blog.

Like you need photographic proof.


Tal said...

Poor Lisa...that sounds like the perfect topper to the week for you. If it makes you feel better, I may not have a Home Dept credit card, but I do have an Ikea one...here's hoping things stay fixed!

Barbara said...

I really hated it when our water heater sprang a leak. However, because it took us several days to realize that it WASN'T cat piss on the carpet, we did wind up with one VERY clean spot of carpeting, when all was said and done.

Sadly, that spot still shows...