Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Date Post

Well, before I commence with a long post about current events, I'll tell my loyal readers that, frankly, if you ever get a chance to date my hubby you really should. He's a gentleman, a good dancer and really knows how to show a girl a good time.

We had such a lovely evening. Beginning early at Bar Divani for a glass of wine before dinner and ending, in fact, back at Bar Divani waiting for traffic to clear a bit before we went home; the entire evening was simply spectacular. For dinner we went to San Chez, a Tapas Bistro. Tapas, if you don't know, are all small plates that are meant to share. We'd never done that before and I had, uh, forgotten my reading glasses so I couldn't read the menu. We ended up placing ourselves in the hands of our delightful server and everything was lovely. Ahi Tuna, stuffed portobello mushrooms, scallops on skewers with bacon and this amazing cheesy artichoke and asparagus casserole. Fantastic from start to finish.

Kenny rocks! It was such a great show. Sugarland was better than I expected and Pat Green was fine. He did what the opening act is supposed to do. Sugarland rocked it hard and then Kenny set the place on fire. 90 minutes, no set breaks at all - all in all it was a masterful performance. Do see him if you like him at all. It's well worth it. The crowd was singing and dancing along for the entire show. Despite his claims that he wasn't going to, Sarge's money maker was definitely shaking. It was too much fun!

Stay tuned for the latest on the move.


Tal said...

Yay! I'm so glad you two had a great time. The tapas sound like they were fun and delicious. Great date food, aren't they?

Good to know that Chesney is cute AND talented...;)

Cary said...

Awesome Lisa, glad you had fun. :)