Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I don't know what has gotten into me lately. I hate all my clothes. Perhaps it's my birthday because they're all looking frumpy or have me just plain feeling old. I also think that I need to have some dead-serious interview clothes. Can you believe that an MBA doesn't own a single suit? Well, yours truly was just that MBA until yesterday.

We got a tiny influx of cash and I have a job interview next week so I dragged the Sarge to the mall. While there, my finds included a great navy blue suit - blazer and pants that was on the clearance rack for one-third of the original price. As the suit was two sizes smaller than the size I wore two months ago, I tried it on with great trepidation - hopeful it might fit. AND IT DID! I have to try it on with my shoes to see if the pants need hemming but the pants make me look thinner and that ROCKS!

I also scored a second suit in a blue gray color with light blue and light gray pinstripes, two white shells and a long black skirt at Penney's. Blame them for the lack of pictures.

Last night we had another showing of our house (and WOOHOO! according to the realtor the woman L-O-V-E-D it!) so we went to the mall. The Queen got a haircut and a really cute suggestion for a prom hairstyle we can do ourselves and some new shoes and then she and I stopped by Kohls because...well...just because! The boys were playing with daddy and we could do a little shopping in peace.

ASIDE: I've been fairly silent about it but I am very excited about an actual real-live-not-just-dinner-at-points-friendly-Applebees date with my husband tomorrow night. We're going to see Kenny Chesney in concert and I expect the show to be awesome. Now, before you start in on me that it's a country concert, see the iPod post and tell me I'm narrow-minded. I had to pick a show that the Sarge would want to go to and The Red Hot Chili Peppers would not be it. Sarge has seen two concerts in his life (other than high school bands and one trip to the Symphony in La Crosse) and they were both The Statler Brothers. He likes both kinds of music, I guess. Kenny puts on a great show and Sugarland is on the bill as well. It should rock! And, thanks to the cash inflow, I think I'll get dinner beforehand.

So I have a real date. We never go on dates. Ever. And I have been looking forward to it since buying tickets back in February. I've lost just under 20 pounds and am feeling pretty good about that so I wanted to look kind of cute. A couple of weeks ago, when none of my summer clothes fit, I bought three pair of capris (no, I don't wear shorts ever). One brown, one navy and one denim. So I am thinking I'll wear the denim capris but I didn't really have a cute shirt to wear with them. Which brings us back to Kohl's.

Normally when I shop I am picky, picky. If the Queen is along, she often vetoes anything I might find acceptable. Last night at Kohl's however, she was feeling cute and flirty thanks to her new haircut or something. She was agreeable with me for once. "That's a cute shirt!" I would say. And she said "Yes, it is." WHAT?

I must have been feeling cute and flirty too because I picked out this shirt in a lovely chocolate brown color to wear with my denim capris tomorrow night. What do you think?


Tal said...

Awesome! I was in the exact same clothes funk earlier this week and plan to go shopping this weekend...I love your new shirt Lisa. Very flirty.

All the best on your date tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Your new shirt is cute! Have a great date!!!