Saturday, May 5, 2007

Saturday Tech Tips!

Since I'd like to think I waste a lot more time online than you am pretty tech savvy sometimes I thought I'd turn my loyal readers on to some cool stuff on the web.

1. Evites. I read about this on another blog and a quick Google Search took me here. You can sign up for a free online account, import your contacts from e-mail (Yahoo was very simple but Hotmail has issues). It's free and it is very easy to use. Pick a theme for your party, pick an invitation style, fill in the details, save and send to your contacts. They RSVP electronically (I hope!) and you're on your way to a great party. I may use them for everything from now on. I plan on following up the formal invites for the Queen's party with e-vites to make the RSVP easier since, so far - no RSVP's. Yes, that drives me nuts.

2. Bloglines. Crikey! I read a lot of blogs. They're a major source of entertainment for me. Bloglines is free and lets you subscribe to the feeds of all your favorites and share them with the world(see my Bloglines in the sidebar? Feel free to waste spend a couple of hours finding out why I'm a blog junkie. It is easy to subscribe (providing your favorite blog has a feed - like me) and so convenient. Instead of checking 30 sites for blog updates, you check one. Updated blogs are in bold so you know right away.

3. Feeds. Yes kids, if you have a blog and I read it, here's where I ask you to, if possible, set it up for an RSS feed. Now, if you use Blogger like me, it's easy enough that even I can do it. That's saying something. Here's how: In the "Settings" tab there's a sub menu called "Site Feed". Click on that hyperlink and in the drop box for "Allow Blog Feed" select "Short" or "Full". "Short" feeds up to 255 characters into a reader like Bloglines with the option to click the headline and go to your full blog. "Full" lets lazy busy people like me read the whole thing from Bloglines and click on to the next bold line when I'm finished. It makes me happy.

I hope happiness finds you today as well.


janiece said...

I love Evites!!Used for tons of things. I thought I had told you we would be coming to the party--as long as Dad's ok. Oh well-I can't keep it straight anymore. But--I have it on my calendar|!

Izzy said...

Welcome to BloggerChicks!

(Re Feeds: A lot of people don't set their feeds to "full" anymore because of content was being stolen of "scraped" and reposted via RSS feeds on other sites loaded with advertising & spam.)

Lisa said...

Yay! I'm a blogger chick! Thank you for the advice. I'm changing my feed settings now!

Tal said...

I REALLY need to start using BlogLines...I check all my blogs one by one...every damn day, and it"s getting disturbingly time consuming. Good suggestion Lisa!