Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Before I Got Distracted...

More great news on the mortgage front today. Lovely how just when you think things can't get worse. The house has been on the market for 369 days and counting and interest from buyers is zero. Nice? I think so.

Got a new hair cut today. Probably was a bad plan. I'm not in love with it by any means but hopefully it will grow on me (pun intended). I wanted different and different it is.

I'm in a funk. Forty is looming very, very large. I feel old, fat, frumpy and an overwhelming sense of futility. I am not liking the current situation nor am I liking the prospects for the future. The job market in EP looks pretty shitty and I've still not broken the news to my boss. And I don't feel like blogging anymore. I don't feel like I'm being interesting so I'll stop. Go back to the meme and play along.

This about sums it up.



Tal said...

See the market makes me feel like a failure in a different way! We (I) are not in a position to buy right now and I feel like it'll slip us by and we'll always rent. Forever. Did that help?

Pic of the new haircut? I got one last week and asked for thinning and a trim to the layers. I got something substantially more punky and high maintenance than I had intended. Blech. Is yours punky?

Barbara said...

Lisa... you aren't going to convince me that you "aren't interesting." I try to read your blog as often as possible -- pretty nearly every day.

It's not reasonable of me to expect you to blog every day just to give me something I want to read... I understand this. :(

But...! Don't stop. When you're angry it gives you a place to vent. When you're happy it gives you a place to dance. When you're waxing philosophical, it gives the rest of us a "hmmm" moment.

As for haircuts... Me and Ernie got one at SuperCuts Monday night. We waited over 40 minutes before I realized how long we'd waited. (I had a book - he had an audio book) We waited another 30 minutes before they finally called us. But at least I'm reasonably happy with the cut. However, lesson learned. SuperCuts DOES take "call-ahead" appointments.

And hair DOES grow out -- which is a good thing (to everyone except the Dane).

Interest rates are going down again -- so housing sales may improve. However, so is the stock market, so economy confidence sucks. :( I don't understand why you've had so little interest in the house -- it is a NICE house. And a whole lot bigger than it looked from the front.

I think you need a better six-word memoir. The one you posted is too ... down. "Power of Positive Thinking" and all that folderol. Or count your blessings. You do have some. You have several. Some of them call you "Mom." Some of them call you other things... but we'll leave that for another blog. ;)


Tal said...

Good news! http://wantnot.net/2008/03/06/if-the-shoe-fits/ go look at cheap shoes!!