Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mommy and Me Time...

See? I bet you thought this would be a cute Khan story. Sorry about that. But when there are six of them it is even fun to get to hang with the big kids one-on-one once in a while. Last night Ogre and I took in our our first ever live NBA game when the Bucks hosted his beloved Spurs at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. It was fun but the energy level was not what I had expected. It was very surreal to have the visiting team's fans make more noise than the home team's fans. We did fall into the former category though so it was more funny than sad. The Bucks did play very well but lost in a nail-biter 96-94. I have a newfound respect for them as a team but I kind of have to agree with The Sports Guy. Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut looked really good.

I have now seen a professional football, baseball, basketball and racing event. What's next?

Oh and uh... This guy?

Needs to work on his damn free throws. I mean, he had a great game - 26points - but he missed probably eight free throw tries.

While this guy:
Is just plain damn awesome. As much as it pains me to agree with him on anything, I second Crunchy's thoughts on the All-Star Game snub.

EDIT: Here's me and the kid: