Thursday, March 13, 2008

Progress Report on the BIG DATE!

So tomorrow night is the big date. Honestly, it is the most dressed up I have ever been at a social event with my husband unless you count the time we were in my sister's wedding. Even then, I spent more on this outfit than that one so this is kind of a big deal. Another piece of supporting evidence is that he will be wearing his blues which, in my opinion, are more formal than a tuxedo. They just make such a statement!

While preparing for this little soiree, I learned some valuable lessons that I am happy to pass along.

1. Ordering formal wear online is probably not the best idea. I had near panic when the skirt arrived two sizes too small. When I ordered an alternate, I ordered two different sizes just in case and - Surprise! - the one that fit is the same damn size as the first one that didn't fit.

2. E.L.F. cosmetics are not all they're cracked up to be. Sure, nearly everything is a dollar so you can try a lot of stuff for cheap, but the coverage is not great, the brushes are scratchy and the eyeliner is completely unacceptable. They felt literally like trying to draw liner on with an actual pencil. Of course, my normal brand is Clinique's kohl pencil or some such so that's a high standard to meet. I did learn a little about blending from the ELF guidelines. I guess my suggestion is that if you want new colors, try them with ELF and then, if you like the colors, buy them from a higher quality supplier.

3. If you are a woman and you read my blog, please take this advice: Go to the Clinique counter and buy yourself some Black Honey lipstick. It is the most beautiful color ever. On second thought, the way that's listed makes it look like it's going away. You just better wait until I've ordered a lifetime supply. I know it looks dark, but it is gorgeous. You're welcome.

Saturday I will update you on the date. Now I need to find a place for a manicure.


Tal said...

Me and Black Honey are best friends! I wear it with Mac Spice lip pencil and feel sexy all day long (or until I chew it off). They're getting rid of it?! Boo!

So good call on the make-up Lisa - do you have Rimmel in the States? Their stuff is fairly good (except for the liquid liner) and pretty cheap too.

I can't wait to see pics!!

Lisa said...

Well, Tal! Do you see that the only variety of that lipstick available is Black Honey? Where did the rest go? Do you think that they have only the black honey shade left because they fear people like us if they get rid of it? Oh my... I'd be done without the black honey lipstick. It just makes me happy wearing it.

Tal said...

I don't want to freak you out with my obsessive love, but I MAY have stopped by the Clinique counter this weekend and was assured that they would never discontinue it. Phew! It may have been the look of sheer despreation on my face