Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Guess Where I Live?

Order to boil water issued for Kentwood area
KENTWOOD -- Some Kentwood residents are being asked to boil water before drinking after a drop in water pressure reported by the city water system.

Residents who live south of 44th Street, north of 60th Street, between Eastern and Breton avenues, are being asked to boil water until further notice.

A loss in water pressure may result in bacterial contamination in the water system.

The city has restored pressure and staff are collecting bacterial samples in the area. The city anticipates resolving the problem by Thursday.

From The Grand Rapids Press


Tal said...

Poor you...what a drag that's going to be. BUt don't tell the prospective buyers, okay? ;)

Terez said...

We were on a boil water order for about two months after Katrina. Bottled water, baby!