Saturday, October 27, 2007

Five Signs You're Raising Army Brats

1. You call them to attention and they move to attention.

2. They not only can define PLF (I am not sure what exactly it is but I think it is Parachute Landing Formation - landing from a jump with knees and ankles together and soft to cushion your landing), they do them. Often. From Everything.

3. You get them to leave Grandma's house with hand and arm signals for "Rally" and "Move"

4. They have zero interest in GI Joes because they live with one.

5. Conversations like this:
Senator and Khan run up stairs

Khan: "Where's daddy? I'm hungry!"
Me: "He'll be home in a minute, sweetie, and then we can have dinner."
Senator: "Oh, he must be the late man today."
Khan: "Late man? Oh! Papa's the late man today!"

Sound of Senator and Khan running back downstairs


Tal said...

That was actually hysterical Lisa> Funny, funny stuff. I wish I knew the hand signals for rally and move...

Anonymous said...

Nice!! How true also!! Well, your hubby is in cycle and I'm off till ummmm...30 November...after next week let me know if you want to get together...I have LOT'S of wine...

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Lisa said...


For "Rally" draw a counter clockwise circle in the air with either your index finger or your whole hand. For "move" point to the door.

Happy to help.

Tal said...

Heh. Thanks! My mind is spinning at all the possibilities with