Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Link Love

Are you a foodie like me? Do you just need some new ideas in the kitchen? Visit They're loaded with them.

Speaking of eating... Going out? Want to make sure you can get a table? Check out This site lets you make reservations online for restaurants in many major cities across the USA. I will definitely use this when I travel because, well, I live in Tomah and Culvers doesn't require reservations. Yes, dear readers, my options are limited.

I also found another great time waster site. You know, like MySpace or Facebook, but this one is a little more grown up. There are articles and all kinds of other things in addition to profiles and blogs for the reading. But you, people, need to keep reading this blog in addition to checking out


Tal said...

the bf has been knocking my socks off with had stuffed chicken on Friday. It's my new fave website and I've never been on it!