Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday: Three Truths and a Lie

Which is the fib?

1. I attended a Sunday School Teacher's meeting last week and was told I didn't need to come back.
2. 90% of the Television I watch is on either Comedy Central or Food Network
3. I have won awards for my ability to beat some ass.
4. I love NASCAR


Ian said...

I hope the first one is true because that's badass.

janiece said...

Umm #4??? I know that Nascar isn't in the favor list. I truly believe #1 is true. That would be something that would happen to me too. And Paul, along with my lovely hubby, would laugh his ass off!

Lisa said...

Ian, if you think #1 is true, which do you think is false?

Tal said...

#4 is not false.
#2 is not false (me too btw)
#1 is awesome and can therefore not be false

That leaves #3, which while also awesome is sloghtly less awesome than #1, thereby making it the fib.

I win.

Lisa said...

Tal, you do not win. I'm very sorry.

Look in your e-mail. I invited you to SparkPeople or click on the badge to the right and check it out.

Ian said...

I'm gonna say #3 as well, for the same reasoning. I know #4 is true and I think #2 is true, and #1 should be true even if it isn't.