Sunday, November 11, 2007

And That's Why We Call Him the Senator...

He's just amazing, this kid. I know, right? Your kids are amazing too but my kid...

The Senator is described a lot of ways. A co-worker of the Sarge described him as "this little man. You expect him to be wearing a little bow tie. He talks like a small adult." We hear this a lot because it's true.

He has always done this. From our first day out with him when he walked up to Sascha, the guard at the house we stayed at; stuck his hand out swiftly and introduced himself to today. Today we've got new neighbors. This is army housing. We always have new neighbors. He wanted to go over and introduce himself and he did. I, his introverted mother, have no idea who they are but he knows their names and that they have a fifth-grade daughter.

Do you read Post Secret? I do. The premise of Post Secret is that people send in postcards with their secrets on and they get posted to the web every Sunday. Sometimes there are cards that really hit home. Today there's one of a little boy. It says "We just adopted this little boy from Russia. He has changed my life more than he'll ever know". I agree.

Our little Senator has gone from this:

To This:

(This picture, by the way, was taken the same day that he confidently introduced himself to the guard in Buryatia)

And finally this:

The neighborhood welcoming committee.

Senator, you are awesome and I love you so much. Thank you for being such a great person that I am inspired to try and be a better person too.


Tal said...

Nice Lisa. I like when you blog about the kidlets.

Ian said...