Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's the Least Wonderful Time...

Of the year.

Yes, kids. I'm talking about Christmas. It is over a month away and already we're bombarded with it. Looming darkly on the horizon we have a testament not to the birth of our Savior, but to rampant commercialism, family disfunction fun, and lots and lots of holiday stress. Here's a not so little known fact: I HATE CHRISTMAS. I'm thinking of skipping the whole thing. I hate shopping. I hate stressing over whether I bought the right gift for the right person and I... Well, I just hate Christmas. Factor in the monkey on our back and the shittiness of life in general and it just seems like too much work. Perhaps I will just lay down on the 23rd of December for a nap and wake up on the 30th.

Good plan.


Ian said...


You're right, though. I don't even know why I like Christmas. I don't really like getting presents and I don't consider Jesus my savior.

Barbara said...

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa -- For shame. You know that Christmas is the most important time of the year for the little ones -- there is no other point at which they can expect to receive so much LOOT!

Well, there's their birthdays, but then one gets annoyed because his present is smaller than his sibling's* and fights and hilarity ensue.

My family made a pact about 25 years ago to largely ignore Xmas (aside from the huge holiday meal, of course) and we never regretted it. The amount of stress we relieved ourselves of was ENORMOUS. We were able to sit back and watch the rest of America go frazzled with smug amusement.

Aside to Ishara: HOW can you say you don't like getting presents! I LOVE getting prezzies -- I just prefer them to be random. :)

*Not YOUR kids, of course.

janiece said...

I know I know--it can be a royal pain. I hate the buying crap myself. I'd rather just be with people and have fun. But I love the music--however cheesy it is-- and I ove that it'st he one time of year I can bake and give it away--hence no calories for my big butt! PlusI lovethe lights--hate taking them down in Jan and freezing my butt off--but I do like the lights.

Lisa said...

Psst... Barb? It's Ian. Not 'Tal hatin' on Christmas.

Ian said...

I wasn't hatin' on Christmas, just the presents. The season, the atmosphere, the music, the food, etc.? Looooooove it.