Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Guess what???

My washer is fixed! I had a local place order the right part - the one Sears didn't bring - last Friday. It arrived today. Sarge fixed it in five minutes. Catching up on the laundry may take years.

Now my car is broken. Specifically, the spedometer. Shit.


Tal said...


Also, why does one need a spedometre? Really?

Ian said...

Seriously. Now you have an excuse. "No officer, I really didn't know I was going 100 mph..."

Barbara said...

November is not going well, is it?

The only Maytag appliance I've ever had was a refrigerator in a house I was renting. It was a cool fridge design -- a normal looking fridge with a freezer on top instead of side-by-side, but with a thru-door dispenser for water and ice. It's the only fridge I've ever seen designed like that. I MUST have thru-door dispenser, but I really hate the side-by-side design. Sigh.

We had to have the Maytag repairman out SIX TIMES for that fridge -- because however cool it looked, it really was a crappy design.

:( My thru door ice dispenser on my current fridge hasn't worked for six months...

I need a new kitchen. And a new bathroom. And a new carpet. And a new back lanai (porch deck). And a new car.......

And all this before next October, when I'm sorta expecting guests. :)

janiece said...

Ok, time to bill the Maytag repairman--and/or company!