Monday, November 26, 2007

This could have been such a great post.

I, for one of thousands, will be very glad when NaBloPoMo is finished. The pressure! The pressure to write something worth your reading every single day has been horrendous.

I mean, do you really care that last night I had the strangest dream of my adult life? I like to call it a "heartburn dream" because I think certain foods make your brain do weird things. This particular dream involved the Sarge and I living in an old farm house. We pulled out the stove to clean and found a whole dead fish behind it. I mean a whole. dead. fish. Head on, scales, everything. Well this fish turned into a real live crocodile and started heading my way. Unfortunately, I can't tell you the dream ends (although I do remember a broom handle) because I woke up. Damn.


Tal said...

Sheesh! Your dream totally gave me goosebumps first thing in the morning. *shiver*

Ian said...

Hahaha I love dreams like that. And you wake up and still think it's going on for a second. The best.