Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finally! The help I desperately need...

Finding things to write about is a bitch! So I did what most sensible folks do and Googled Blog Prompts. Today's prompt:

Ten Things I'd Like To Learn:
1. Russian. I fully intend to travel to Russia again someday and I hate being dependent on a translator.
2. Spanish. Are you seeing a trend? I'm humbled and a bit embarrassed by this old joke:

"What do you call someone who speaks two languages?"


"What do you call someone who speaks three languages?"


"What do you call someone who speaks one language?"


3. I'll lump the rest of the languages here: Italian, French, Norwegian (because that's my heritage) and whatever others I've an opportunity to try.

4. How to make amazing tapas. Like this place. Oh how I miss you!

5. Ballroom dancing. You know, in case I'm ever invited to the White House.

6. How to throw pots. I have a vision of this type of pottery as relaxing since it likely requires one's entire focus. If you let the stuff that's bothering you into your mind, the pot is messed up. The stress likely snowballs from there. It's part of why I like knitting. You have to focus on the knitting not the stuff that's pissing you off otherwise or your knitting becomes part of the stuff that's pissing you off. Know what I mean?

7. How to not hate balancing my checkbook. My tenure as a personal banker created an intense loathing of this task and it has come back to haunt me more than once. Ugh. But I can't get past how much I hate balancing my checkbook.

8. How to throw a really great party. You know, the kind people that people really feel lucky to come to and can't wait to come again.

9. I'd love to take some cooking classes in general. Cooking is fun for me and it would certainly help with number 4 and number 8 on this list, wouldn't it?

10. How to get my laundry done without actually having to do it. If I have to explain this to you because you don't mind laundry, you should just come over and do mine too and help me reach this goal.

What about you? What ten things would you like to learn?


Anonymous said...

Do you have an AKO account? If not, get one because you can download Rosetta Stone - or however its spelled- for free and it will help you with learning the new languages.
Happy Turkey Day!

Tal said...

I stole. I'm sure you noitced. Hope you don't mind!